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Officina Masetti hydraulic trucks use Continental Elastic steering wheels. These wheels work well on any kind of surface; they are silent, smooth running, and extremely long lasting.

Alternatively, Officina Masetti offers non-marking polyurethane wheels, with nylon 6/6 or full nylon hubs.

Officina Masetti fork rollers are made from the latest generation, exclusive MPT/109 polyurethane. This greatly reduces handling effort and makes the truck much easier to use.

We use sealed stainless steel alloy ball bearings.

Officina Masetti truck pins are thermally hardened and nickel treated (Niploy process). This makes them highly resistant even when poorly lubricated.

Yes – Officina Masetti offers a service for ordering SPECIAL PALLET TRUCKS, which are custom built to the clients’ specification. Our website shows a few examples of these trucks. Our special trucks can be built to handle loads up to 5000 kg, as low profile versions with 58 mm forks, or as reel holder models. And all our special pallet trucks can be customised in all dimensions.

Officina Masetti hydraulic trucks can be customised with a vast range of accessories, like reel holders, drum brakes on the steering wheels, or sealed stainless steel alloy bearings for damp or saline environments. You can check out all our options on the website and with the contact form – we can make the ideal tool for your application.

Le nostre risposte alle domande più comuni