Officina Masetti was founded in 1911 and since 1958 has specialized in pallet truck production . Since then we have accumulated a great deal of experience in construction and repair of pallet trucks for all uses , manual, column, stainless steel and weighers.

Over the course of a century we have faced a wide range of needs and criticalities that arise during the use of manual hydraulic trolleys. The experience in the field in solving multiple problems related to the handling of goods, especially in difficult environments such as the food and dairy industry, have allowed us to develop products that stand out for their reliability and quality . Today we can consider ourselves a point of reference in the construction and repair of high-end pallet trucks , characterized by functionality and resistance.

The strong specialization allows us to design customized solutions for any type of use, including special and oversized trolleys on customer specifications. Just submit your needs to us and we will find the best solution for the handling of your goods, offering you a customized project quickly .

The strength of Officina Masetti is in its medium-small structure, which allows to operate flexibly while maintaining a high level of quality . The ability to repair products of other brands, the efficiency in the supply of spare parts and the assistance guaranteed in a very short time are all features made possible by our dynamic structure and our centenary experience in the sector.

Solutions for every pallet transport need:

  • Transpallet manuali – Disponibilità di modelli standard, personalizzazioni e costruzione ex novo di modelli speciali a seconda delle dimensioni e della portata richieste.
  • Carrelli elevatori – Modelli a pompa manuale a doppia velocità disponibili con centralina elettroidraulica a batteria.
  • Carrelli idraulici inossidabili per utilizzo nel settore alimentare e chimico.
  • Carrelli pesatori per trasportare e pesare correttamente materiali fino a 20 quintali di carico ed oltre.
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Over 100 years of history

Officina Masetti is a historic company founded in 1911 by grandfather Lorenzo , a village blacksmith who, with the use of simple tools and with great technical skills, managed to also win the First Prize for Wrought Iron at the 1928 Paris International Modern Art Fair.

In 1958, thanks to the entry into the company of his son Silvio , the production of the first hydraulic trolleys began. From that moment Officina Masetti will be completely dedicated to the improvement of an innovative and fundamental product for the handling of goods on pallets .

The third generation sees Marco at the helm of the company, who, taking advantage of the enormous wealth of experience and inherited values, has been able to combine tradition and technological progress to face the new challenges of globalization.

Since 1911 Officina Masetti has been a guarantee of quality, experience and evolution.
The pallet trucks are made in a workmanlike manner according to the specific needs of each customer, with attention to detail and every detail to ensure strength and flexibility .


Officina Masetti has headquarters in Modena , but thanks to the uniqueness of its commercial offer it is chosen as a supplier for the production of pallet trucks by companies from all over Italy and the world . When it comes to finding a solution for specific handling problems, Officina Masetti is the ideal partner: an investment that lasts and has a high return thanks to the efficiency of our machines and the possibility of saving notably on spare parts and repairs.