Assistance service

Contact our workshop for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of your forklifts.



The strength of Masetti trolleys is durability, thanks to the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of the product. Thanks to the smoothness of the wheels and special rollers specially built for the construction of the trolley, the effort to move the load is easier, especially in extreme conditions of use. For all these reasons, the Masetti product has an average life of at least double that of other trolleys on the market and requires fewer repairs. However, even the toughest of pallet trucks can get damaged and be more difficult to maneuver or even unsafe. This is why it is important to regularly carry out correct preventive maintenance of pallet trucks and to rely on an experienced repair workshop like ours in case of breakdowns. Officina Masetti guarantees timely and accurate assistance on all types of pallet trucks , including those of competitors, carried out by specialized personnel. The forklift assistance service we offer can be carried out both at home and at our premises, when the repair of pallet trucks is more complex and takes longer. The pallet truck assistance we offer to companies includes:
  • First aid for forklift repairs;
  • Routine maintenance programs;
  • Periodic safety checks on trolleys;

Pallet truck maintenance

Officina Masetti takes care not only of carrying out specific repairs, but also of ensuring the customer a product that allows him to operate safely and easily, even in difficult situations.

Entrust us your pallet trucks for the routine maintenance , in this way you can prevent breakdowns and always keep the performance levels of your trucks high, avoiding unnecessary slowdowns of your operation.

The advantages of a regular pallet truck maintenance:

  • No production downtime;
  • More security for operators;
  • Maximum media efficiency;