Please contact our workshop to schedule routine and extraordinary maintenance for your pallet trucks.



The strongpoint of Masetti trucks is their durability, guaranteed by their high quality materials and handbuilt construction.

The use of low friction wheels and rollers designed specifically for the trucks makes them more agile and easier to handle, especially in challenging applications.

This is why Masetti products have at least twice the service life of competing products, and require far less service and repairs.

However, even the most robust pallet truck can be damaged, making it harder to use and even unsafe.

This is why regular routine maintenance and repairs at a specialised workshop like ours is so important.

Officina Masetti guarantees prompt, qualified service for all kinds of pallet trucks, including competing products, done by our specialised staff.

We offer truck maintenance either at your premises or here at the workshop, for particularly complex repairs that require more time to complete.

Our industrial pallet truck service covers:

  • Emergency repairs for pallet trucks;
  • Routine maintenance programmes;
  • Scheduled safety inspections;

Pallet truck maintenance

Officina Masetti not only runs specific repairs, but also ensures that our clients’ products continue to operate safely and easily – even in the most challenging applications. 

Let us take care of your routine maintenance requirements – we can prevent faults occurring and keep your pallet trucks in top working order, thus eliminating slowdowns and stoppages.

The benefits of regular pallet truck maintenance:

  • No stoppages;
  • Improved safety for your operators;
  • Your trucks are always in top condition.