Stainless steel pallet with high pump


Our "INOXIDABILI" successfully face goods-handling, thanks to their construction material and to te accurate working process.This is particulary important in those places where the hygiene and resistance to corroding and oxidative substances are required.

The fork truck will be progressively replaced by the centenary truck but will remain available on request. Spare parts will be available.
Caratteristiche TecnicheSimplex
Portata Kg 2000 2000 2000
Peso Kg 78 82 70
Volume per imballo
A 1500 1710 1160
B 540 540 540
H 1200 1200 1200
Ingombro esterno forche (mm) Lunghezza 1140 1350 800
Larghezza 540 540 540
Ingombro forche (mm) Abbassate 85 85 85
Alzate 195 195 195
Diametro ruote (mm) Allo sterzo 200x60 200x60 200x60
Alle forche 85x90 85x90 85x90
    Gruppo doppio rullo o tandem


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