Officina Masetti

Officina Masetti was founded in 1911 and since 1958 specializes in the production of pallet trucks. In a century it has developed a deep and specific knowledge of the problems that arise when using manual hydraulic lifts, becoming a point of reference for the production and repair service of pallet trucks for every use.

Officina Masetti manufactures manual pallet trucks, column lifters, stainless steel lifters, pallet truck weighers, nd customized lifters on request for special purposes. With over 100 years of experience, Officina Masetti is able to find promptly the best solutions to everyday problems in the use of pallet trucks and to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

The main strength of Officina Masetti is its small/medium size, which allows it to operate with extremely high quality and flexibility. The possibility to repair even the products of other brands, the efficiency in the supply of parts and service guaranteed in a short time are features that can only be achieved through a dynamic working structure and a century long experience in our sector.


Officina Masetti is a historic company founded in 1911 by grandfather Lorenzo, the village blacksmith. With simple tools and great technical skills, he won the First Prize for Wrought Iron at the International Exhibition of Modern Arts, which was held in Paris in 1928.

In 1958, when his son Silvio joined the company, the production of the first hydraulic trucks began. From that moment on, Officina Masetti devoted all its efforts to improve an innovative and essential product for handling goods on pallets.

Marco represents the third generation at the helm of the company. Taking advantage of the great background of experience and values he inherited, he has managed to combine tradition with technological progress in order to face the difficult challenges of globalization.

Since 1911 Officina Masetti has been ensuring quality, experience and development. Pallet trucks are manufactured in a workmanlike manner according to the specific needs of each customer, with attention to every detail to ensure sturdiness and flexibility.