Centennial truck

Officina Masetti is proud to launch its latest product: the “Centennial truck” is a latest generation forklift entirely made of AISI 304 (or, upon request, AISI 316) stainless steel. This groundbreaking device was conceived and designed to last as many as three years; Officina Masetti itself followed the project with painstaking care, in order to meet the requirement of a higher quality and flexibility truck for the more demanding clients. The material used for the manufacture stand out for being very strong; thus the truck is particularly well suited for use in hard environmental conditions and where stringent health and hygiene requirement must be met at all times. Thanks to a groundbreaking manufacture method, the new stainless steel forklift guarantees longer life in comparison with traditional forklifts. As a matter of fact this hydraulic lift is made with specific precision-cast stainless steel details (investment casting process): not a single piece of the truck is exposed to rusting, thus the forklift is more resistant to corrosive substances and the natural degradation caused in the working environment. The Centennial truck combines Masetti’s traditional care for safety and reliability with the precision casting technology. In this product, too, Officina Masetti stands out as the synonym to reliability, quality, professionalism and genius. Masetti: timeless hydraulic trucks!

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